Taking storytelling, marketing and a success-driven mindset in the 21st century world became a rejuvenating experience for Jordan DeVante Harris. His podcast, DeVante Talks with Success, is now a platform for aspiring entrepreneurs to learn, or unlearn, conceptions about success, earning and making a sustainable living and maintaining a wealthy mindset. Surely this was not an overnight experience but, he believed there is a lot to learn from those who have already made it within their field and by filling this empty funnel towards firsthand knowledge, Jordan sees a successful future for us all!

1. Could you please describe DeVante Style and/or Jordan Harris as a brand

Jordan DeVante Harris also known as DeVante Style is a storyteller and marketer. The goal is to show people, no matter who they are, where they are, or what they have they can make their dreams come true. The idea is to help make this possible by sharing stories of others and helping others identify and share, or start their own story. Which is currently in a podcast format.

2. In your experience, how could you describe optimum success?

I would describe optimum success as being able to do what you want, with who you want and when you want to. Not only being able to do that but being able to achieve that. Achieving your goals the right and desired way and leaving some kind of impact on people, that helps them grow financially, emotionally, or spiritually.

3. As a success enthusiast, why do you think now is the best time for your podcast to exist?

I think now is the best time for my podcast to exist because of my story, let me explain; I started this podcast because I had seen a bunch of kids my age and some younger online and doing things that I thought were out of my reach, like talking to influencers, artists, business leaders, traveling the world, going to events and making money. It created jealousy, and I didn’t like that feeling in me. I didn’t have the money to go to the events, my family wasn’t poor but we weren’t rich either and I had no real connections but, I had Instagram and a MacBook. I then decided to start a podcast because it was relatively new and people wanted to start getting on them and it became more mainstream.

So, I started to DM relevant accounts with small followings but in the circle of influence and I did this for months and continued until I got to where I am now. I have now interviewed people with a combination audience of +12 million. I practically started with nothing, I was dirty broke but I had the basics and I honestly could have just done it on my phone. Many people in this space share these crazy stories of spending all their money recklessly and that can be discouraging to the real person trying to get something out of nothing. So, I want to be a testimony that everyday people can do it as well. On top of all that, I want to share that it not just my stories, it’s different life stories in which I hope people can relate to. Even if you’re fresh from high school it introduces you to a new career path and prevents common mistake that most successful people made when they came into the field.

4. What advice can you give to up and coming entrepreneurs who lack social support?

The advice I would give you to find support online is don’t follow people sending out negative messages, or people who are sending out no messages. Some people I love to listen to are always pushing out positive message like @visionoutloud , @garyvee , @doriangroup82 , @therealbradlea, @edmylett and @ryanholiday. The reason being is, you become the sum of the 5 people around you and what that really means is your actions are influenced by your thoughts, and your thoughts are influenced by who you surround yourself with. In today’s age we spend more time on socials then we do with physical interactions, so if you spend 6 hours a day on Instagram and you are virtually interact with accounts that influence you – some way or the other. These are accounts that push positive messages out into the world should then put you in the right mindset to get to the right places. Simultaneously, this positive energy of sharing positive and encouraging messages will rub off to your followers. The people I recommended above all have different business backgrounds, also some are a bit over the top with positivity, some have a more practical point of view, and some are straight up truthful – which hurts but you need some tough words to stay centered, in my perspective.

5. Everyone wants to be successful. What daily habits would you say build a successful entrepreneur?

I am going to be completely honest. I don’t have the best daily habits, this is one of the things I hear from some of the most successful people talk about when I interview them, but I’m still trying to apply this. Generally, I first like to get some kind of exercise first thing in the morning (I do this almost every day), most of the time a 3 mile walk with my dog. Secondly, I would say give an hour to a skill that you want to learn or to get better at. If not applying it, watching videos on educating yourself. Last, but not least, the thing I’m working on which helps build a habit is just doing those things consistently so that you can continue to improve and get better.

6. What tips would you say speak best to success hungry pupils who do not know where their success lies?

I would say if you have some interest in it, try it. If you don’t like it at all pull an Ariana Grande and say “thank you next” until you find something you’re interested in. In order to get those opportunities I would say the better the questions you ask yourself, the better answer you will get. I say this because in order to be successful you want to be around successful people; you have to provide value or have them be interested in you. When you ask specific questions that are unique and interesting, these people will most likely let you be around them. Also, don’t go for someone who is 1 million times your success level. Think like them, but don’t beg to be around them because you won’t be learning much if you don’t understand the basics! You want to be mentored by someone 50 to 100 times more successful them you and from there you can move up the scale. If you work with these people first you won’t need to pay them, you will work with them for free, they will give you more of their time and you will then understand the basics.

7. What virtual tools can one take advantage of to build a successful mindset?

YouTube, Instagram and Podcasts. Again people think this is something that tears people down, where I feel it is all in the way you choose to use it and highly depends on the people you are listening to. Like I said, the people who I surround myself with on Instagram (same with YouTube and podcasting) aid my successful mindset. On YouTube to help build the successful Mindset I listen to Jose Zuniga aka Teachingmensfashion, Aaron Marino aka AlphaM, and Charisma Command run by Charlie and Ben. As for podcasts, my favorite as Joe Rogan, Charlie and Ben Podcast, and more.

8. How can a global experience such as the Covid-19 pandemic work in favor of the aspiring entrepreneurs?

I believe COVID helped show you how you spend your time. People always say “if I had more time”. So, ask yourself what did you do with it? Did you learn something valuable? or did you sit around and complain? A more practical thing to take on was creating and posting content it was at an all-time high for consumption.

9. Can one build and maintain success without social media?

I think you can. I think it all depends on what success means to you. If success means fame and money to you and you don’t want to use social media, be prepared to wait a long time or potentially never. However, if you’re just looking for it internally I think you can, you just have to be a very social person.

10. Please share your thoughts on the portrayed image of success, vs. the reality of being a successful entrepreneur.

Well gosh! I would say what you see on social media is lie – all of it. It is happening but that would be 1% of what they are doing. Most of it is months of planning and hours of phone calls and creating. However, you might see some people posting and it’s because they are okay with making less money to enjoy more of their time, or they just make most of their money from brand deals because of the lifestyle they portray. There is the exception where the person is really good at building systems that work for them and good at delegating work but again, it is still way more work than you could ever imagine from what you see. Image working for a job 40 hours a week but instead of the physical work it is all mentally stressing.

Jordan Harris definitely sets definition on setting your own pace towards your destiny. This mentality has blossomed his career into an overflow of educating others and aiding their success. To know more about his mission and endeavors check out his website with exclusive content and success stories fitted for aspiring entrepreneurs. You can also find his podcasts on Apple, Spotify, iHeartRadio and YouTube. Be sure to connect and create with Mr Harris on LinkedIn and develop a circle of influential mindsets of success!