Turning Your Ideas Into Reality Through The Transformation Of The Mindset

An Author and a Transformation Coach to new and aspiring entrepreneurs, Jessaca Rowe develops strategies which help turn aspiring entrepreneurs’ ideas into reality with the process of the entrepreneurs overcoming fear, doubt and procrastination of turning their dreams into reality. Jessaca Rowe believes that when you empower yourself with knowledge to develop a new level mindset, you can then take action on achieving your goals. 

Here Ms. Rowe shares more on the coaching process for transformation.

1. What specific areas do you focus on as a Transformation Coach?

I focus on 3 areas: developing a growth mindset, clarity and direction. These are key areas that new and aspiring entrepreneurs need to focus on. A growth mindset is essential when deciding to start a business. One must be open to opportunities that can possibly help them level up on a personal and business level. Once this is done, they are able to gain clarity and direction in specific areas of their business. This will prevent frustration and overwhelm as they build their business.

2. Tell us about New Level Mindset? 

After graduating from college and not being able to find a career based on my degree, I developed anxiety and depression. I tirelessly looked for work in my field and didn’t find what I was looking for. After a while, I stumbled across a Facebook group for women called Heal a Woman to Heal a Nation. I immediately gravitated to this group because I needed to be healed from the pain of failure. After being in the group for a year, I attended their annual women’s conference. This conference is where I had the idea for New Level Mindset. I learned that we can take our gifts, talents and skills and create our own business. We don’t have to solely depend on a job for our income, we can create our own. This is called entrepreneurship. This led me to write my book, A New Level Mindset in which I discuss the characteristics I needed to have in order to become a successful entrepreneur. After receiving great reviews about my book, I created New Level Mindset – a coaching program in which I help new and aspiring entrepreneurs take the steps needed to start turning their business ideas into reality.

3. What skills and experience have you gained outside of coaching do you integrate with your practice? 

I learned the art of speaking. Once I wrote my book, I began to speak at local events about the importance of entrepreneurship. I speak on how entrepreneurship is a golden opportunity for anyone who has longed to turn a hobby into a business. I also speak on the challenges and setbacks that come with it. I provide tips and advice on how to overcome fears, doubts, and procrastination of going through the process of turning a business idea into reality. I speak on a daily basis about entrepreneurship to an online audience of new and aspiring entrepreneurs. I speak to them about giving themselves permission to start their business and not wait on validation from others. It’s a waste of time.

4. In being a Transformation Coach, how have you helped turn someone’s ideas into a reality? 

For many, the reality is getting started or continuing what they started. I have helped my client create a plan to achieve tasks they had been putting off for years as it relates to their business. In creating and using this plan, my client has started back with the process of writing their book, filed an LLC and applied for a trademark. I have also helped others who attended my workshops, take the leap to start creating an action plan schedule that helps them complete tasks for their business.

5. In your platform you’ve mentioned that “Entrepreneurship is an inside job”, please break that down? 

This means that becoming an entrepreneur starts from inside of us. We have ideas, thoughts and dreams about entrepreneurship which is great. However, we must dig deep inside of ourselves on a mental and emotional level. We have to keep our emotions in check, we must be able to sustain the mental capacity to process failures, take risks, learn when to say “no” to things that are not serving us on our journey, stay focused and consistent and make time for self-care. Doing all of this comes from within.

6. What’s the biggest challenge you have helped one of your clients to overcome? 

I had to help my client process a situation that was stopping them from moving forward with their goals. I helped them realize that they needed to acknowledge the situation in order to move forward with the coaching program. Even though they didn’t want to bring up the situation, they realized that it needed to be addressed. I created a mindset assessment to help them process this.

7. How does one go about turning a stuck mindset into an action mindset? 

Usually, fear and doubt causes a person to have a stuck mindset causing them not to take action on an idea. For example, if a person wants to get out the fear and doubt of going live on Facebook, I tell them to do one of these two things or both of them. 

One- Record themselves on their camera phone for 5 minutes twice a week talking about their product or service. Review it to see where they may need improvement. 

Two- Plan a Zoom meeting with friends and or family. Do a presentation of their product/service for 5 minutes. Ask for feedback after the presentation. By doing this, they are already turning their stuck mindset into an action mindset.

8. In your experience, why do some people fail to act upon the ideas/concepts they’ve developed? 

Fear of rejection. This is the number one reason why many people do not move forward with their goals and dreams. I tell my clients that this is part of the process. It will happen. Embrace it and question it if you must, but you must keep moving. Don’t allow rejection to make you think that you are not worthy. You are.

9. How do you make sure that the entrepreneurs you work with are constantly putting their newfound ideas into action? 

Plenty of follow-up! I follow up with coaching clients at least once a quarter. I contact them to ask how they are doing and what progress they have made since our last coaching session. I also offer them a one-time free coaching session that is good to use within 30 days after our coaching session.

Jessaca Rowe wrote the book, A New Level Mindset to also share about the challenges she endured on her journey to entrepreneurship and how she overcame the challenges. Learn more about her solutions by getting the freebie: 5 Ways to Start Turning Your Business Ideas into Reality