Top 10 Real Estate Influencers

Real Estate as we know it is a very exciting and lucrative feel, and you may have been wondering who are the real estate investors who are showing or teaching what they do. Below is a list of real estate investors that are highly successful investors and influencers

Robert Kayosaki:

A real estate tycoon that has written multiple best selling books and has taught thousands of aspiring real estate moguls his techniques to becoming a successful real estate investor. Robert Kiyosaki founded the rich dad company which teaches you how to elevate your financial well being. Robert Kiyosaki owns hundreds of real estate.

Grant Cardone:

From drug addict to multi millionaire Grant Cardone is one of the most exciting real estate investors of todays age. Grant has had many shortcomings in his life but has not allowed that to stop him from achieving his success.

Graham Stephan:

From working in a marine aquarium wholesaler at 13, being in a band to making millions in real estate. Graham got his real estate license in 2008 and began. Graham is now a very popular youtuber who shares his insights on real estate to his millions of followers

Kris Kron:

Chris Kron is a fast growing youtuber who just like Graham Stephan shares his insights on real estate to his subscribers on his channel. Kris owns multiple properties and teaches his subscribershow to 0 – 100 in success just like he did.

Brandon Turner

With almost a million subscribers on his youtube channel Brandon Turner is a real estate investing pro. Brandon uses the traditional method of teaching real estate using a whiteboard and a whiteboard marker, through this you are able to completely understand the numbers behind a property investment.

Milan Milosevic:

Founder of Riches and beyond, Milan Milosevic is an expert in the field of real estate within South Africa. Milan has over 45 000 students around South Africa and has helped them raise over R500 million in funding for their real estate deals.

Ravi Sharma:

Ravi has a small chanell of 28 thousand subscribers which is still a large amount of people. Ravi invests in income in real estate as well and other endeavors that provide him with passive income

Sharon Tseung:

Sharon Tseung is a young real estate investor who just began but is already on her way to over 20+ rental units. For many, one rental unit is just enough income for them but Sharon did not stop there, she has made it really far in real estate and will keep thriving.

Cody Sperber:

Cody Sperber is a real estate investor and youtuber. Cody not only reaches into real estate to earn money but he is constantly experimenting on new endeavours which he is open to his subscribers seeing, this allows his subscribers to grow with him.

Ryan Serhant:

Ryan Serhant is a young and exciting real estate broker who has what I can say is the most exciting real estate brokers channel. Ryan’s natural natural is contagious and you can feel it when you watch his videos. Ryan’s properties consist of luxury listings worth millions of dollars

Real estate influencers are amazing because they give very resourceful tips as well as motivation to get into real estate. Using this list of real estate influences, take a look at each of them to see who you would most preferably follow and learn from.