How To Achieve Your Dreams In Real Estate

Have you ever wanted to achieve what seemed impossible to many because of your age? To start up your own business, whether it be a hair salon, tech company, or your very own real estate business? Well think again, Jacob Blank managed just that. He co-founded his own business at the age of 16. At the age of 18, Jacob has been able to build a seven-figure real estate investment company. Along the way, he has gained a great number of high-level skills and he yearns to pass his knowledge on to others to help change their lives for the better, just like he has changed his.

  1. How did starting your career at the young age of 16 impact your business? 

It gave me a jump start on life! I was able to start making an impact on my financial future at a very young age! I’m very blessed to have found my first path early on. A lot of people are left wondering what they want to do with their life all the way into their mid to late twenties. My ambition and work ethic at this age has helped me elevate my business and plan for my future!

2. You’re the Co-owner of Make Sense Offers, tell us about your business and what you do? 

We are a real estate investment company. We wholesale, fix and flip, and buy/hold properties. Anything under the real estate umbrella we can assist with!

3. What did your business teach you as an individual? 

I have learned a lot of things, such as how to manage money, work hard, be a leader, grow a team of like-minded individuals, and much more. I also learned about all of the relevant information needed to work in the real estate space! Learning all of these real-life skills and retaining this important information at such a young age has given me a major advantage!

4.What were the challenges you encountered when starting out in the Real Estate Business? 

Age was definitely a challenge. I had to find a way for people to respect me in business regardless of my age. I had to go through countless employees that treated me like I was less and would insist that they had a better way of doing things because I was younger and not respected. Although it was a challenge, I was able to push past this roadblock and find my core team who respects and supports me.

5. How has Social Media like Instagram and YouTube helped grow your business and credibility? 

Social media has opened so many doors for me. It has helped me connect and network with high-level individuals from who I have learned a lot. I wouldn’t give up the connections I’ve made from social media for anything. These connections truly have helped me gain the success I have today. Not only that, I’ve become a trusted advisor in the real estate space. I’ve been able to put out a bunch of educational content in order to impact the lives of other people trying to get into real estate as well!

6. For a young entrepreneur wanting to get into the real estate business but does not have any connections and doesn’t know where to start, could you please advise on the tools and tips one would need to startup? 

The best way to start is on Youtube by learning everything you possibly can for free! On my Youtube Channel, I have videos that explain how to get into the real estate business step by step. When I first got into real estate, I watched hundreds of Youtube videos to gain knowledge about the industry. Shortly after, I also purchased a course that gave me an A to Z plan on how to get real estate deals! I recommend doing the same.

7. What were the key factors in your business to becoming the profitable young entrepreneur you are today? 

One of the key factors that got me to where I am today was building a profitable and consistent marketing stream. This marketing stream made it possible to speak to homeowners and look at properties on a daily basis, which is a must when trying to find real estate deals. Another key factor involves tracking our numbers and financials in order to stay on target and remain a profitable business. 

  1. What would you say is important when maintaining a real estate business as you have? 

Multiple KPIs are important to keep track of when maintaining a real estate business. Some of these KIPs include cost per lead, cost per contract, calls per day, cost per deal, and average deal size. Also, consistency is key when maintaining a real estate business. If you lose consistency, you will find that you have months with no deals at all, so you must stay consistent!



Jacob has been around the real estate business since he was twelve as his father has been a Real Estate Broker/Investor since before Jacob was born. From a young age, Jacob would do all sorts of jobs from landscaping to painting at the houses his dad was flipping.

Jacob started researching more about real estate by constantly watching YouTube. This was when he learned about wholesaling. Jacob realized that in the time it took to do the one flip, he could have done ten times as many wholesale deals and made triple the money! He learned everything he possibly could from watching videos and reading books about wholesaling. He then put his knowledge into action working as hard as possible to build his real estate company, as well as a few other smaller companies along the way. And the rest is history. Jacob has been working incredibly hard to build a multi-million dollar company ever since. He went from one deal to ten deals a month over the course of a year. Jacob’s journey has been incredible and he wants to share his story with thousands to motivate, teach and change lives!

If you want to learn more about Jacob Blank whether it be his work or how he grew to where he is now, follow this link to his YouTube, the link to his Instagram. And his personal website