To Achieve Your Dreams In Real Estate With Jacob Blank


Have you ever wanted to achieve what seemed like the impossible to many because of your age? To start up your own business, whether it be a hair salon, tech company or your very own real estate business? Well think again, Jacob Blank managed just that. He co-founded his own business at the age of 16. At the age of 18, Jacob has been able to build a seven-figure real estate investment company. Along the way, he has gained a great number of high-level skills and he yearns to pass his knowledge on to others to help change their lives for the better, just like he has changed his.


  1. How did starting your career at the young age of 16 impact your business?

 It gave me a jump start on life! I was able to start making an impact on my financial future at a very young age!


  1. You are the Co-owner of Make Sense Offers, tell us about your business and what you do?

We are a real estate investment company, we wholesale, fix, and flip, and buy and hold.


  1. What did your business teach you as an individual?

 I learned a lot of things like how to manage money, work hard, be a leader, grow a team of like-minded individuals and much more.


4.What were your challenges that you encountered starting out?

Age was definitely a challenge. I had to find a way for people to respect me in business regardless of age.


  1. How has Social Media like Instagram and YouTube helped grow your business and credibility? 

Social media has opened so many doors for me by helping me connect with high level individuals to learn from.


  1. For a young entrepreneur wanting to get into the real estate business but does not have any connections and doesn’t know where to start, could you please advise on the tools and tips one would need to start up? 

The best way to start is on YouTube learning everything you possibly can for free! On my YouTube channel I teach you how to get in the business step by step.


  1. What were the key factors in your business to becoming the profitable young entrepreneur you are today?

The key factors were being able to build a profitable consistent marketing stream. And this made it possible to be talking to homeowners and looking at property daily which is a must when trying to find real estate deals!


  1. What would you say is important when maintaining a real estate business like you have?

Multiple KPI’s are important to keep track of when maintaining a real estate business such as cost per lead, cost per contract, calls per day, etc.


Jacob has been working incredibly hard to build a multi-million-dollar company ever since he found out about real estate wholesaling. He went from one deal to ten deals a month over the course of a year. Jacob’s journey has been incredible, and he wants to share his story with thousands to motivate, teach and change lives!

If you want to learn more about Jacob Blank whether it be his work or how he grew to where he is now, follow this link to his YouTube, the link to his Instagram. And his personal website