The New Way to Get Financial Consulting

When you hear the names Brady Morgan and John Trusty, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Unless you’re closely related to either of the two, the answer is likely to be nothing. However, if I ask you the same question again in five years, I can guarantee you’ll think of them as ‘those guys.’ Brady Morgan hailing from Nashville, Tennessee, has had experience working as an analyst for two different Fortune 500 companies and a large hospital. He has managed to combine his passion for finance and content creation by starting his own podcast, BudgeTrek, in which he has interviewed dozens of professionals in the world of business.


John Trusty, or “Trusty” as he prefers, hails from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and has had experience working in commercial real estate as well as property investment. Knowing that his true passion was entrepreneurship, Trusty founded his own commercial real estate company, Trusty Commercial, at the young age of 23 and has seen lots of success on that front. Brady and Trusty are two entrepreneurs that are about to revolutionize the financial services industry for small to mid-sized businesses with their start-up company “Financial Automation.” They are currently developing software to do just that: make finances automated. While the average business owner is too busy looking for ways to drive revenue, it is actually quite common to forget about the rest of the business’s finances. With their software, business owners will be able to easily track their business’s financial health and use the information they receive to make more informed decisions for the future. 


In the meantime, Brady and Trusty are using their experience in the business world to consult their clients using custom financial dashboards that display multiple aspects of their business. Essentially, they are providing the manual part of their software until it is complete and fully automated. With the work they currently do, clients can expect the following: frequent consultations with their team, profit-driving strategies, and more free time to enjoy life outside of work.