The Best Emerging Facebook Community For Gym Owners, Led by George Liu

An asset for gym owners, Gym Pillars’s GymMarketingMastery Facebook Group is a community for the benefit of gym owners everywhere:

George Liu’s Facebook Group, “Gym Marketing Mastery,” is exactly what it says it is – a free community for gym owners. Facebook Groups for any business or industry are often labeled as “free communities,” but in reality, they are marketing funnels. Instead of engaging in conversation and education, these groups merely serve as a promotion platform. They don’t serve their members; they help themselves.

 “Gym Marketing Mastery” by George Liu is different. It is a community for gym owners to master their own marketing. George constructed this community for the same reason he developed a “pay per close” system where clients only pay once they close a deal; he wants to do what’s best for gym owners.  And this community is that because it freely offers and supports gym owners in their marketing endeavors. 

“Gym Marketing Mastery” is a community where gym owners across the nation can freely communicate, collaborate, and learn from one another. And this community is not only for Gym Pillars clients. It is for any gym owner, whether they have heard of George or not. It is not a community for George; it is a community built by George so gym owners can take actionable steps and thrive in a competitive market. 

Money is made in the mind first, and a key reason George created this group was to educate gym owners on understanding they have the ability and services to be successful all on their own. Gym owners can feel safe and secure in asking questions, sharing their insights, learning from others, and learning from George. 

In the spirit of gym owner success, George regularly shares his marketing insights to current members’ benefit, including advice on how gym owners can gain more clients, charge for what they’re worth, and take actionable steps towards growth. And all of this information is free – no subscription fee, setup fee, or course fee. 

Every member is encouraged to share advice, insights, and experiences. George will also invite successful clients of his to speak and engage in this community. Struggling gym owners can hear first-hand what others have done to find success. 


If you are a gym owner looking to engage in a community of like-minded professionals, the “Gym Marketing Mastery” is the only community where you can do so. This community is free of ads, promotional propaganda and led by a community leader who wants to help you succeed without paying for it.