Podcasting Made Better With Podblade By Rom Raviv

Podcasting is a rapidly growing industry, and like any other industry it comes with its challenges. For some podcasters, editing a podcast is the least exciting part in making a podcast as it is difficult and time-consuming for others. Many podcasters even skip the part of editing a podcast. Although for Rom Raviv, a podcast is the vital part in producing a good podcast. Rom Raviv is the CEO of Podblade, a podcast editing agency that helps businesses and coaches offer unmatched podcast editing services through white-labeling. He’s also the host of Spreading Success podcast.

Here Rom Raviv shares more on his business Podblade and the aspects of editing a podcast.


1. Tell us about your company. How did you establish Podblade?

With having a passion for podcasting, I started Podblade because I faced problems and had many challenges as a podcaster of Spreading Success. I couldn’t edit a podcast, and couldn’t afford to outsource because many editing companies charged hundreds of dollars per episode and didn’t cover other aspects like social media, which I knew was also necessary for the growth of a podcast. I also didn’t have 8+ hours a week to work on all of the aspects of the show. I needed an affordable solution that would include social media promotion, auto-scheduling, and more at an affordable rate. The market didn’t have that solution, so I built that solution myself and have been helping podcasters ever since.


2. What’s unique about your podcast editing agency?

Podblade assists podcasting companies and marketing agencies to expand their service offerings into white-label podcast editing, launch packages, and social media content a simple manner that is completely hands-off for you.


3. Did you get into a training program to run a Podcast editing agency?

I’m in university right now, studying Digital Marketing. I didn’t get into a training program to run Podblade, I basically had a few mentors and learned a lot from my business partner. Someone else may need the skillset or training, but I didn’t go through that specifically.


4. Please mention the benefits of podcast editing?

  • Editing a podcast helps get a higher quality audio which attracts more listeners.
  • Having a podcast editor for your podcast gives you time to record more episodes and grow your show without focusing on the busywork.
  • An edited podcast that incorporates branded audio such as intro and outro allows you to build a deeper connection with your listeners rather than just using a raw audio from an app like a zoom call.
  • Having a podcast edited into different content forms allows you to distribute the show into audio, video, social clips, SEO blog posts etc.


5. You’ve mentioned that you’ve had success helping podcasters without a large following, Mention tools to use for assisting podcasters without large followers?

  • Promote the podcast episodes.

Have a video that you can share on social media which can help you get a number of views. As the host, go live with the guests. Podcasters need to understand that when they have podcasts they are building themselves a platform that others can also share. Podcasters need to sell themselves more in order to leverage social media for their business.


6. What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced since running Podblade?

The biggest challenge I’ve faced was taking over the company after working with my partner for over a year and a half. I had no idea on how to run Podblade alone as I’ve never had an employee and I relied on my business partner before. It’s been a learning process on how to do things correctly.


7. What has been your most satisfying moment with your business?

It was when I finally had a grasp of doing things myself in the company as my business partner had left. I had to learn a whole new skillset in a short amount of time to make sure that the business was flowing properly and scaling at the same time.

Podblade also offers social media assets, show notes, blog posts, and even YouTube thumbnails. Podblade makes podcasting easy with an all-in-one podcast editing solution. Learn more about Rom Raviv and his brand on his official Podblade website and Instagram page.