This event was truly remarkable, characterized by an outstanding turnout and an exceptional group of attendees. HustlersGlobal’s inaugural meet-up in Cape Town proved to be a resounding success. Numerous valuable connections were forged, and a considerable number of budding founders and entrepreneurs embraced the vibrant spirit of the HustlersGlobal community. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all who graced us with their presence at this event and eagerly anticipate your participation in our upcoming gatherings. See you at the next one!

This meet up was hosted at Jarryds, Sea Point with the following founders/entrepreneurs attending:

Jaryd Visser | Founder of Translatethisforme
Peter Turner | Co-Founder of Beeline
James Mallet | Co-Founder of Beeline
Benjamin Laughton | Founder of Bitcoin Khaya and Vulipo
Taras Kryvosh | Founder of Vulipo
Duncan Hoole | Founder of Duncan Hoole Digital
Vito Wiechmann | Co-Founder of Beats&KicksCPT & Property Broker
Rohan Gowan | Founder of Media27