Placing value on your personal brand is an endeavor many shy away from. Yet, Sahil Sachdeva has encapsulated the concept of putting yourself and your valuable services out there as an elite brand. As CEO of Level Up Clout, Sahil surely became the go-to for upscaling your presence through social media development and press features. The power of investing in your brand has never been more exciting!

  1. Could you please tell us who Sahil is.

Sahil Sachdeva, is a CEO of Level Up Clout – a Personal Branding agency, who creates elite personal brands by working on arenas like social media growth and press features. Being competent, and a self-reliant entrepreneur who earlier has been associated with many technical accomplishments, I now have numerous patents on my name. I am a charismatic man and serial entrepreneur, who holds a long and proud catalogue of gratified clients including some major Bollywood personalities.

Hailing from an entrepreneurial background, I have always instigated to break out and build my empire with merit and hard work. A 9 to 5 job was definitely not on my list. My first business ‘Takenz’ was a rental business that did not work out as per expected, but this did not discourage my determination to reach the sky. I never gave up the dream of becoming an independent entrepreneur. Instead I took risks and learned what was needed, and discovered that my ability to make real and long lasting genuine connections was an undeniable strength in my business.

2. What is Level Up Holdings and what valuable services does it offer, that which is different from similar brands.

The transition from being a marketer to a serial entrepreneur with Level Up Holdings, a serial venture – company that encapsulates my vision is quite commendable. This brand has star venture companies that includes Level Up Clout – a personal branding agency and Level Up Influence – an influencer-based marketing agency that helps entrepreneurs and celebrities from all walks of life to elevate their online presence in their specific industries and set themselves apart.

3. In your experience, what tools work best for going viral?

High Quality Content – Expert roundup posts and trendy content when followed by many influencers go viral like wildfire. It happens so that it grabs their audience’s attention and persuades them to share and act on more frequently in the social media world. Also, without building connections with other people in the industry it is quite hard to create viral content on a daily basis.

Marketing & PR – You need a company that understands you as a brand from the inner core. That’s how they understand how to market your high quality content and make the best out of it.

4. How does building and maintaining a brand on social media help aspiring 7 figure entrepreneurs?

High quality niche speaks for the personal brand itself. When someone peeks into your profile or page, it ought to speak for yourself. It should speak about who you are and what you do. Getting the attention of your target audience and having them to trust you is a journey that does not end at all.  Learn to convert your active audience into your clients, no I do not mean to be business minded but it is natural for them to experience your service/product by being in touch with you through your business. You get to become a credible, trusted source in your industry, which then opens doors and leads to opportunities that set you up for success. You are positioned in such a way where you can demand more money because you’ll have the credibility and also have a great reputation behind your name.

5. What strategies can you share, for building and maintaining a personal brand?

  • Posting High Quality content
  • Educational content: Curate content to educate people with some tips & tricks based on the industry – you are an expert of.
  • Results: Make sure to share the testimonials your clients share about you
  • Invest in your Personal Branding: Grow social media presence with the help of celebrity giveaways & get featured in press. This ought to give you instant authority!

6. Please share 3 tips for aspiring artists and/or entrepreneurs looking for the right ‘clout”.

  • Have Mentors – This is necessary for you to learn from someone who has already done what you’re looking for. Don’t always try to figure it out by yourself, though it is recommended to do so initially. Time is the biggest asset. Don’t waste time rather invest it wisely.
  • Discipline – Be consistent with your content and online presence – These efforts convert into little growth every day which in turn becomes an exponential growth. Never take your business for granted, treat it more than a job, work your ass off and always show up.
  • Invest in yourself & your business before you buy random unnecessary things. This is going to help you get the biggest Return of Investments (ROI).
  • Network – Build real and genuine connections. Plan to meet people often – the more you expose your business to people, the more opportunities you get. Make sure you build your network every day and nurture those relationships.

7. What habits/skills do you think are vital when engaging with one’s audience?

Nurture your business with the right audience from the start. Provide educational content about the area of your expertise, answer their questions and keep them in the loop of growth and updates always. This is how you nurture your audience and then convert them into a returning client.

8. In your experience, what are some of the mistakes recognized from people trying to boost their social media following.

Quantity – Some people post too much and bomb the feeds of their audience thinking that it would help with growth. Believe me, nobody likes to be bothered with so much content, like a neighbor aunty.  A good balance between quality & quantity accompanied by marketing efforts is what helps.

9. What is influencer giveaways and how does this help with brand development and boosting your following?

Influencer giveaways or ‘Loop Giveaways’ as you may call it. It is one of the fastest ways to grow your brand on Instagram with a flexible budget. With this, the influencers host competitions and declare giveaway and give away prizes like- PS5, iPhone, etc and anyone who wants to enter the giveaway has to follow certain steps to enter. This is how whoever sponsors the giveaway makes a bigger following! Giveaways are becoming the most trending activities for clients to build up social existence fast and leverage their business through Instagram to facilitate online sales.

10. Please share tips and strategies for gaining verification on social media.

Being verified on social media instantly helps your business both credibility and authoritativeness. The coveted blue tick or badge separates a regular business from one that is famous and reliable. While you can apply for verification via the social network apps – at times you may realize that it doesn’t get the job done.

Therefore, verification mostly depends on the web presence a person/brand/business has. At a minimum, we suggest to have at least 15 mid tier & 5 top tiers publications to have good chances of getting verified. Articles have to be full featured and not on free to publish sites. To gain such features on sites, you can either pitch the editors directly but the chances are low they would feature you, unless your story is worthwhile. You can also approach PR agencies like us as we have capabilities to control the pitch angle and good contacts with editors and get the job done. Once you have a good PR, you can submit a verification through an agency that has access to a media support panel.


As an expert on personal branding, Sahil speaks volume on the importance of taking control of your resources. Level Up Clout makes use of unique strategies to develop an enticing image for your targeted audience. Surely a unique way to level up!