The HustlersGlobal Club

What Is The HustlersGlobal Club ?

The HustlersGlobal Club is an all-in-one membership community designed for post-revenue founders under the age of 35 years old. 

It’s an exclusive, highly vetted, closed membership that focuses on creating a community filled with dedicated, successful, like-minded, and similar-staged founders. The solution offers a unique process for founders to 10x their business, by providing individual support, revenue and brand growth.

The HustlersGlobal Club was created by Marko Stavrou and Yanda Mazantsana. Two entrepreneurs who experienced the everyday struggles of building businesses in isolation, with limited resources, strategic relationships and practical day-to-day guidance.

The HustlersGlobal Club

Accountibility Program

Be paired up with a fellow founder who is a person you trust to help you follow through with a commitment or goal you made. Have someone you can grow, learn, and be supported by on a weekly basis.

Live Community Calls

Join monthly virtual community calls where you congregate as a whole community to support one another and hear from industry-leading guest speakers.

Access To Network

Become Part Of A Network Of Highly Ambitious Young Entrepreneurs, That Will Drive You For More Success And Growth.

In Person Events

Attend Our In Person Masterminds And Have The Opportunity To Meet And Learn From CEO’s And Founders That Have Walked Your Journey.

Think you're a fit?
Let's find out.

Embarking on the journey of building a company can often feel isolating.

Every day, you’re faced with tough decisions, navigating uncharted territory with limited information. It can be overwhelming.

At HustlersGlobal Club, we understand the struggles and triumphs of young entrepreneurs like yourself. We believe that one of the best ways to conquer these challenges is by learning from the experiences of young successful entrepreneurs who have already paved their way to greatness.

Whether you’re hustling in the vibrant business landscape of South Africa or making waves as a visionary founder, finding your tribe of accomplished young entrepreneurs can be a daunting task.

But once you discover them, everything changes.

Joining the HustlersGlobal Club opens the door to an exclusive community of driven and accomplished entrepreneurs under 35. Here, you’ll have immediate access to invaluable knowledge, support, and mentorship. Our members consistently describe their journey with us as transformative.

Don’t navigate the path to success alone. Connect with like-minded individuals who share your ambition and understand the unique challenges faced by young entrepreneurs. Together, we can amplify our impact and achieve remarkable feats.

Join The HustlersGlobal Club today and unlock the power of a community tailored specifically for successful entrepreneurs under 35. Let’s forge a path to greatness together.

HustlersGlobal Members have the most innovative start-ups in Africa

HustlersGlobal Club Members

Gidyon Lankers

Founder & Owner Of DISRUPT

Marketing Manager | Founder of DISRUPT

Louis-Neil Korsten

CEO at Bookt | Founder | Tech Entrepreneur

Ex-professional student currently building Bookt. We help companies build a learning culture by turning non-fiction reading into a personalised, engaging and collaborative experience.

Bobby Housel

Co Founder of Founder's Cupid

Student at University of Michigan Ross School of Businss & School of Information

Dominic Santo

Founder Of Codexpress

Passionate about code, passionate about building software. Codexpress is a bespoke software development company which specializes in designing, building, and maintaining software applications for clients across various industries.

Larreth Jimu

Founder and Owner Of Timber Capital Technologies

Founder & CEO at Melsoft | Serial Award-Winning Software Engineers.

John Kitenge

Founder of Web Param Solutions

We write code, not poetry | Develop your dream app with us and save Time, Money and all the hassles of Recruiting internally.

Member Requirements

Minimum R150,000

The business is required to generate a minimum annual revenue of R150,000.

Under 35 Year Old

Members are required to between the ages of 16 and 35

South African

You need to be located in South Africa in order to join meetups and masterminds

Will To Work

Members have to be dedicated, discipline and willing to work towards their goals

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