How To Successfully Master Your Media

For many people, being successful in any sort of media is a struggle, especially in this day and age where you can access a TV show, radio, podcast, magazine or newspaper with a press of a button. It brings in questions such as, how do I make it? How can I stand out? How can I be successful and achieve what I want to achieve? Dhomonique Murphy is the one to talk to, she is a successful 3x Emmy Award winning TV personality, entrepreneur, author and professional speaker. She is the creator of Media Mastery Now and The Right Method. She helps people master the art of storytelling and craft incredible  stories behind their brands. She is also one of the top media trainers in the world and helps her clients master effective communication, public speaking and teaches them how to gain exposure through  Media Mastery Now. She shares insightful life experiences, her journey and vital advice on how to make it in modern age media.

  • What is the name of your upcoming venture and where can we find it?

Media Mastery Now is America’s premier media training agency but serves clients around the globe on every continent. The website is It’s all things media training. Dhomonique is launching a massive PR agency this fall. 

  • Why is the media mastery program and training different?

There’s nothing quite like it on the market. I teach all the fundamentals from gaining confidence, finding your voice, telling unforgettable stories, public speaking, on-camera & stage presence, and so much more. I equip all my clients with the tools to land media opportunities, monetize significantly,  and gain the exposure they truly desire.  For years, people were like, ‘Teach me how to do it. You’ve earned three Emmy Awards. How did you do it? How did you master the media?’ And that’s where the name came from because people kept saying you’re a master of the media and I found that all of my clients wanted results ‘NOW.’  So Media Mastery Now is a unique brand ready to help its clients skyrocket to success. 

  • How do you master your own media?

It’s about building confidence, it’s about effective communication, being able to speak effectively, honing your messaging and your story. We help people with that, but ultimately the main focal point is helping individuals, whether it’s a personal brand, an entrepreneur, or a corporate executive, it doesn’t matter, we help people master the media. TV is what everyone loves more than anything so I focus more on TV, and that’s my background. I have 20 years of television experience, but I train on the big 5: TV,  radio, magazines, newspapers, podcasts. Also, on how to take the visibility to monetize it in a very big way. If you feel like you (or your brand) are the world’s best-kept secret, then look no further. You can download a copy of my e-book Speak Up; 5 Simple Hacks to Gain Confidence, Find Your Voice and Land Media Opportunities completely free at It’s my gift to you. Get your copy on the homepage of my website. Get ready to learn a lot. If you are ready to gain the media exposure you really want, then go download your copy right now. 

  • Please share how you got your Emmy award and what you went through?

I am honored to have won 3 Emmys in my career. 9 Emmy nominations to date.  They range all across the board. One is an entertainment piece, one was a news piece, the other was an in-depth investigative piece. I always talk about the story of how I earned my first Emmy. It is a motivational story to help people understand that anything is possible. I want everyone to fully understand that nothing comes easy. But when a “storm”  hits, it’s really a higher power testing you to see if you are truly committed. Setbacks or failures are opportunities and lessons to get better if we are paying attention.  Long story short, I was demoted from a television hosting job for no reason. My New Director, told me in front of my entire team, “That was your last show, you are no longer the host” at the conclusion of my show. I remember how humiliated I felt, being told such life-changing news in front of so many people. No reason was given. He proceeded to tell me I could be a Reporter which was a huge demotion for me. I remember walking out of his office to my car feeling so deflated. I called my husband bawling because I was so hurt by the news and how it was presented. My husband (who is the most amazing man in the world!) said, “You have two choices. You can do what everyone expects you to do, which is to not show up at the office tomorrow… or you can rise above it.” I chose the latter. I took on this new role, even though it was not what I wanted to do. I decided to make this mess my message. Long story short, coverage of a high-profile event earned me my first Emmy Award. What I thought was one of the worst things that could have happened to me, turned out to be one of the best. 3 years after I won my first Emmy, I sent that News Director a letter thanking him for what he did. Although I did not agree with the manner the message was delivered, I appreciated him for pushing me out of my comfort zone. Had he not demoted me, I would probably still be in the same position, super complacent. 

Key takeaway: When a door closes. It is never closed unless you say it is closed. You can walk around the door. You can crawl under the door, you can climb over the door, you can kick the door down. You have to figure out a way to connect the dots. Just remember, what feels awful, could be the best thing that’s ever happened to you. Storms do not last forever. 

  • How can young people break through the fear of public speaking?

I encourage everybody to spend some time alone; 15 minutes every single day – door closed, no pets, no family, no phone – just YOU. Get to know yourself better. Discover your WHY. Reignite your passions. Peruse your purpose. Once you start to gain confidence internally, you will find that it is a lot easier to go after your goals and what lights you up. Focus on your wins, not losses or setbacks. Write down your goals and set up an action plan with milestones so you achieve your goals in a set time.

Helping people believe and succeed, is what Dhomonique is passionate about. She wants people to realize their potential and ability to be successful in mastering the media by giving back to people from the experience and journey she went through to get to where she is today; a 3x Emmy Award Winning TV personality and top media expert. To find out more about her, check out her Instagram Dhomonique is also offering a free e-book on public speaking and media mastery to download on her homepage of