Meet The Founders

Marko Stavrou

From an ignorant, afraid, societal captured teenager living in a country with power outages and corruption. To becoming one of Africa’s top teenage entrepreneurs, Gen Z speakers and consultants at only 18 years old. ‍ In 2019 at 15 years old Marko hired his first full time employee and within just 3 months he had serviced over 40+ high level entrepreneurs offering PR services. Currently Marko is focused on building and growing HustlersGlobal, one of the leading Gen Z business communities in the world. Which aims to help accelerate the process of young entrepreneurs building successful, sustainable businesses. According to Marko: “HustlersGlobal offers a unique membership community and online e-learning platform that is affordable, accessible. Our methods have already driven major growth for many young business owners.”
 Marko also loves presenting and speaking, having reached hundreds of thousands of people online through social media. His passion to transform the next generation have led him to creating multiple businesses and work with some of the top industry leaders worldwide.

Yanda Mazantsana

Yanda Mazantsana is an entrepreneur, freelancer and copywriter. He started his own copywriting agency and plans on starting multiple other companies in the near future. He enjoys writing copy for businesses and personal brands in order to accelerate their sales and grow their audience. He has a passion for programming and writing copy. He brought his passion for writing copy into the publication space where he can write on his own platform and share the stories he finds. Yanda programs as a hobby and freelancers his skills to other entrepreneurs. He enjoys programming as it increases his problem solving ability.

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