Meet The Founders

Marko Stavrou

Marko Stavrou is a serial entrepreneur, Gen Z Speaker and Podcast Host. Marko started his entrepreneurial career when he was just 14, pursuing the PR and Podcast space early on. Currently, Marko is the Co-founder of Hustlersglobal which started in the hopes of transforming, accelerating the Gen Z entrepreneurial space. He has worked with and continues to assist large corporates and other business entities to market more effectively to Gen Z, as well as how to influence their Gen Z workforce. Marko’s podcast called the “Young Entrepreneurs Network” allows him to live out his purpose, inspiring and changing the lives of the next generation. Marko is helping millennials create successful and fulfilling businesses through his publications, podcast, speaking gigs, and coaching programs. His passion to help teenagers and the next generation succeed in every aspect of life motivates him to push through obstacles his journey throws at him. “Podcasting and HustlersGlobal have allowed me to transform people's lives and share my story with thousands around the world.” “Finding my purpose and mission was one of the most important discoveries I have ever made.”- Marko Stavrou

Yanda Mazantsana

Yanda Mazantsana is an entrepreneur, freelancer and copywriter. He started his own copywriting agency and plans on starting multiple other companies in the near future. He enjoys writing copy for businesses and personal brands in order to accelerate their sales and grow their audience. He has a passion for programming and writing copy. He brought his passion for writing copy into the publication space where he can write on his own platform and share the stories he finds. Yanda programs as a hobby and freelancers his skills to other entrepreneurs. He enjoys programming as it increases his problem solving ability.