Expanding Your Brand Visibility Online with Martine Cadet

Owning a business is stressful and sometimes very hard in figuring out how to make your presence known and unique in a very competitive market. Martine Cadet is that very person to help you achieve that. She is a social media coach, content strategist, and founder of Kaderique Media, LLC a Boutique Digital Media Agency specializing in helping small businesses make their presence known online and expanding their visibility to possible customers.

  1. Please tell me more about your job and what you do?

I am the Founder and owner of Kaderique Media, LLC a Boutique Digital Media Agency supporting small business owners to brand themselves online and expand their visibility. I help my clients convert their viewers into paying customers with their content, never run out of things to say, and are confident in connecting with their audience organically by mastering the skill of storytelling on their social platforms. 

2.How long did it take to make your brand credible to clients?
It took me about 5 years to build my presence online. I started while working at my very demanding Corporate America job and being a mother all at the same time. I was dedicated to showing up consistently on the internet with clear intentions to connect with others in my industry and beyond.

3. What would you say are key factors in starting as a Social Media Coach and Content Strategist?

To be patient and open to learning. Social media changes consistently and without having the focus or the desire to stay on top of the new trends, it can get overwhelming. I believe that if one is to position themselves as a social media coach and/or strategist, they must start positioning themselves as the product first so that others can see the potential of what can happen with their own brand.

4.What were your challenges starting as a Social Media Coach and Content Strategist? 

Finding clients was a struggle at first and then became the challenge of finding consistent clients. It takes time to build a business and therefore, it requires in my opinion, that one stays visible at all times but ensuring that income generated activities are produced daily to avoid feeling defeated if no one is responding to the content. 

  1. Please tell me about the Workshop that you offer on your website?
    During my Content to Clients VIP day, I help my clients bring their online coaching business value to life with an organic content marketing strategy in just one day. I am also inviting purpose-driven entrepreneurs to explore sharing their skill-sets and expertise on my TV Network Visualize and Create Network streaming on-demand on Roku TV, Amazon FireTV, Apple TV, Android TV, iOS, and Android Apps.
  2.  How would you say Social Media has helped you in gaining recognition?

If it wasn’t for social media, I don’t believe many people would know me by now. By showing up online, I have been approached by Facebook twice to speak and have secured multiple opportunities to share my expertise and help so many through podcasting, online summits, and in-person events.

7.What have you learned about the business as it grew over time that you didn’t know before?

 It does not have to be complicated. I personally have fallen into the trap of the “Shiny Object” syndrome several times and have learned that done is better than perfect. I believe that it is about first visualizing what your business dream is to look like and then proceed in finding ways to create that.

8. What sets you apart from many others that do what you do?

I keep things very simple and in high touch.  I love connecting with my clients on a deeper level so that their personalities and lifestyle are not affected because of having to show up on social media. Everyone is different and we all are in different stages of our business.  My core is to serve with a human touch and to provide the support that fits my client’s personal and business goals.


Martine Cadet is passionate about supporting small businesses to achieve their goals and ambitions to expand their customer base and brand visibility. If you would like to find out more of what she does or if you have a business of your own that you need help expanding your brand visibility, make sure to check out the links below to her upcoming TV Network https://www.martinecadet.com/visualizeandcreate and her Facebook group community https://www.facebook.com/groups/martinecadet