Effective Business Scaling Through The Support Of Virtual Assistants

Brady Morgan is the founder and CEO of Virtual Assistant Staffing Agency. The Virtual Assistant Staffing Agency staffs Virtual Assistants for business owners who wish to scale and prioritize business tasks more effectively. VASA identifies the needs of your business and places the most efficient virtual assistant for your business. With this process and information, VASA is able to source applicants for your desired position.

Here Brady Morgan shares more on going the VASA route and how virtual assistants support in the growth of a business.

1. What motivated you to develop Virtual Assistant Staffing Agency?

We saw a gap in the marketplace with virtual assistants. The quality wasn’t there, and the approach from the agencies was cold. We wanted to offer a ‘white-glove’ approach to staffing virtual assistants to business owners wishing to scale.

2. Please give an overview of Virtual Assistant Staffing Agency

Virtual Assistant Staffing Agency staffs virtual assistants from the Philippines for business owners who need more bandwidth. They could offer help in these 4 quadrants: Brand awareness, Appointment setting, Backend support, and Client support.

3. What does the function of a Virtual Assistant entail and why do business owners need VAs? 

Virtual assistants can essentially do anything that a business owner doesn’t want to do, doesn’t know how to do, or isn’t good at. Not only does this free up time for the business owner, but it allows them to focus on the tasks / projects that will truly help the business scale.

4. Which criteria do you assess when in the process of shortlisting VAs?

This is a great question. We look for 3 things in this very order: Character, English proficiency, and Skill. We have a proprietary grading system within our company that accurately assesses each of those areas.

5. Please discuss 5 benefits to hiring a Virtual Assistant?

– You’re able to free up your time to focus on revenue generating activities.

– It’s THE most cost-efficient way to hire a team ($4 – $8 per hour).

– Virtual assistants are very loyal and appreciative workers, which speaks to the character component that we assess during the hiring process.

– If this is the first hire a business owner is making, it allows him/her to grow as a leader and manager.

– Virtual assistants can help you scale your business – guaranteed.

6. How have you managed to keep your business afloat during a pandemic? 

Pivots – plain and simple. One of my mantras for 2021 is “nothing changes if nothing changes”. What that means is that when we are doing something that isn’t working, we need to pivot to something that will work. That’s led us to seeking partnerships and being rather active on Clubhouse.

7. Do you believe there is some sort of pattern to follow or formula used  into becoming a successful entrepreneur?

I think it all comes down to consistent discipline. It’s easy to be disciplined, but it’s hard to be disciplined consistently. While that means different things for different business owners, it’s important to understand that everybody wants to make it big. You just have to be willing to act towards that goal without quitting.

8. What has been your most satisfying moment in business?

For me, it’s a 2-part approach. I love helping clients truly see the value in how well virtual assistants help businesses scale. I also love helping the virtual assistants find jobs that can grow within. It’s a very good feeling.

9. What key activities would you recommend entrepreneurs to invest their time in?

This answer will probably be unorthodox, but entrepreneurs need to stop investing all their time into going through courses and programs. Instead, they need to act. They need to imperfectly implement the knowledge they have to get off the ground. I’m not saying courses are bad, but a lot of entrepreneurs think they’re being productive when they spend all day, week, or month going through a course that they won’t implement. You need to be very strategic with the content you consume, so it doesn’t halt you from executing.

Brady Morgan’s business helps business owners grow and get their time back through virtual assistants and processes. Learn more about the Virtual Assistant Staffing Agency through the VASA LinkedIn page