Hustlers global strives to provide content that empowers young entrepreneurs and small start-up founders and at the same time boosts their PR to unimaginable heights. This is why we ensure that we only put out quality content, thus we have specific guidelines every contributor has to follow.

  • Length of articles to be 500 – 900 words.
  • Length of interview articles should minimum 250 words.
  • Please ensure that the grammar and spelling is double checked before submitting your article.
  • Facts, data and quotes from a third parted must be cited. When quoting from a source, ensure that the source is identified and add a hyperlink to the source.
  • Only provide content which is original. We will not accept any content which has already been published online or offline.
  • Only include copyright free images in your articles.
  • You may use a maximum of 3 links but you may not use these links in order to advertise your brand, products or services. You may however use these links to help the reader grasp a stronger understanding of your article.
  • We have a strict under 30 policy meaning none of our articles can be written about anyone over the age of 30 at the same time they have to be over 16.