Branding! A word and concept that has taken the virtual world by storm as this has proven to be a key factor in up-scaling and expanding who you are and what you offer as an entrepreneur. Henry Kaminski’s agency is to assist entrepreneurs in levelling up their standards and their expertise online. As founder and CEO of UniqueDesignz, the Brand Doctor places emphasis on the process of thoroughly examining your business, diagnosing your core problem and prescribing fitting strategies to build and maintain a successful online business.

Henry’s come up story literally starts off as a miracle baby who developed hypernatremia as a toddler due to malnutrition. As a child of divorce, he was raised by a hard working father, surrounded by the right role models but unfortunately mingled with the wrong crowd. After a near death experience caused by drug overdose, Henry confided in a close friend whose wise words made him realize that his here on borrowed time.

Henry’s turnover moment started when he volunteered at an oncology ward for children in a hospital he worked at. An opportunity to share his heartfelt story to elementary pupils was given by a police officer who headed a local Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) programme.

In the midst of his breakthrough journey Henry completed his master’s degree. He believes that educating one’s self is vital for growing and expanding one’s brand. However, he is cautious to mention how the new ways of growing your knowledge such as mentorship programmes, apprenticeship, online tutorials and short courses can be as valuable as a college degree. Being committed to always being a student builds an ever-growing entrepreneur.

14 years ago, Henry started his business and brand as a freelance graphic designer. After gaining the necessary growth and experience Henry got promoted as a special events director, in support to the Sudden Infant Deaths Syndrome centre in the children’s hospital. Sure enough, Henry used this opportunity to further exercise his skills as a graphics which in turn invested in his side hustle as a graphic designer. In 2008, a speed bump hit the hospital’s funding unit which threatened his position as an events director. Henry was then faced with the option to leave his job or settle for a lower paying job within the hospital. After a back and forth debate about the pros and cons of either decision, Henry took what most would say a destined decision that changed his life.

Making that Jump

“Your thoughts don’t make you who you are, your actions do. So if I don’t take this jump I’m going to be someone’s slave” Henry voiced out the mind-set he had on that day.

Making risky or uncertain decisions is a part of life and essential for a valuable growth and development in any field of interest. The feelings of doubt, fear and uncertainty for the future is evident. Yet your mind-set has to be set towards your goals and desires; open to lessons being learnt when failure occurs; and prepared for the person you are becoming. Henry’s motive for leaving his job and entertaining his financially non-guaranteed side hustle was driven by how his desires and ventures as a master’s degree graduate did not align with his actions of filing documents and cleaning up toys at a children’s hospital. He knew he had a greater impact to the world.

In the first year of UniqueDesigns, Henry made just $240 000 on his own. This one man band scaled to a million dollar agency with 10 members where they focus on one offer– grow and upscale your brand to develop and maintain a successful business online. The uniqueness of Unique Designs comes from the concentration and efforts placed on this one offer. He further mentions how that shift from a 6 to a 7 figure business is driven by your brand and how ‘homemade’ strategies to upscale your brand are not enough for recognition for the value you can offer.

In 2018 Henry received a membership’s award into the Two-Comma Club for earning $1 Million dollars with Click Funnels. This great software is a marketing tool for small businesses to get their product to their targeted audience through various social media websites and pages which acts as a landing page to your business. Sounds great! Yet this could fall short quicker than it starts. Henry mentions how you need to evaluate a) the stability of your business b) who your targeted audience is and c) the value of your brand.

It is easy to start a business online, yet sustaining and maintaining it can be tricky. He shares the following tips for aspiring online entrepreneurs who have little to no knowledge about the pool of the internet:

  • Firstly, you need to understand your product and how it can be valuable to your audience
  • Secondly, one needs to get to know their targeted audience. Where can you find them? What do they need more or less of?
  • The next tip is to develop strategies to connect your product with your audience. This is where digital marketing strategies are at peak. Seek attractive and reliable techniques.
  • Build a culture around your product and this is where your brand gets to shine. Ask yourself, what does my page or website feel like? Does it look reliable and professional? What message am I trying to get across?

The most important key factor Henry believes in, is aligning your identity with your message.

There are various branding companies online that offer the same services and promise even better results. Yet, their page followings, reviews and content contradict what they stand for. Branding is utterly an algorithm and systems game where an output is a result of the process. Henry mentions how one should be aware of the process and systems of a branding company. He adds on the importance of demonstrated expertise, whether it is through reviews from former clients or evident on the company’s social media pages. These are great tips for aspiring branding entrepreneurs!

Henry is not ashamed to admit that once upon a time, fancy clothes and cars was his idea of success and happiness. This was a mind-set moulded by a not-so-well-off inner child that wanted to fill the void of what seemed to be a desired lifestyle. Thanks to therapy and business coaches, Henry externalised the insecure inner child and made himself his greatest competition. By doing so, he is now able to encourage aspiring entrepreneurs to seek happiness within.

As a founder and CEO of a million dollar branding agency, Henry Kaminski’s mission is to be an assistance to other. He believes that when one gives, they become fruitful. Given this opportunity, he hopes that he can work as hard as his father to raise a proud son.