Join us at our next meet-up where fun, laughter, and new connections await! This event goes beyond just a good time; it’s an opportunity to forge connections that have the potential to lead to new deals, long-lasting relationships, and powerful partnerships.

At our last meet-up, we had an impressive lineup of entrepreneurs, each bringing immense value and knowledge to the table. Among them were:

  • Gidyon Lankers, Founder of Disrupt
  • Matthew Marsden, Founder of Startup Club ZA
  • James Vigne, Founder of Villic Wealth
  • Mike Petropoulos, Founder of Digital Momentum and Luxury Real Estate Associate
  • Noah Stanger, CEO of Modern Media Organization and Podcast Host of Stanger Talks
  • Cirsten Claassen, Director of Thirtyeight Solutions
  • Michael Dukes, Co-Founder of It’sOk and BeFrank
  • Cody Gordon, Co-Founder of It’sOk and BeFrank

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to meet and connect with these like-minded entrepreneurs who can help accelerate your growth. Mark your calendars for our next meet-up and get ready for an unforgettable experience!