What an exhilarating evening it was! Meaningful discussions unfolded, and profound connections were forged. These were no ordinary relationships, but rather invaluable bonds, the kind that fosters mutual growth and prosperity. These were the relationships in which individuals uplift one another, helping each other thrive and achieve financial success.

This meetup was hosted at The Roof Bryanston with the following 8 founders attending:

  • Noah Stanger | Podcast host of Stanger Talks
  • Arvy Shongwe | Director of ProItUp Outdoors and ProItUp Golf
  • Luke Dakers | Founder of Dakers Investment Group
  • Thembisa Winston Kunene | Founder of Libertalia Group
  • Kyle Mendes | Marketing Director at Libertalia Group
  • Cirsten Claassen | Director of Thirtyeight solutions
  • Xavier Olivier | Managing Director of DarkMatter
  • Mike Petropoulos | Founder of Digital Momentum and Luxury Real Estate Associate

Join us on the 26th of July in Cape Town at Jarryds for another amazing meet-up and the opportunity to meet other great founders just like yourself!